Hey, I’m Evan! 🙂

1998 / Jakarta, Indonesia / NBA fan

I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 years working with PMs, designers, writers, engineers, and finance to improve growth (user acquisition, retention, and sales).

Portfolio & Resume

I’m open to work at the moment. My expertise covers growth and marketing for early-stage startup, but I’m also open to other exciting opportunities. Currently based in Indonesia, but I’m willing to be relocated.

My writing

Combining my hobby in writing and my passion in startup, I started my own newsletter in 2022. I document and share my learnings about growth, marketing, career, and working together in Substack. Some articles I’ve published 👇:

Playbook for early-stage growth
How Product and Marketing can collaborate better
Smarter ways to evaluate your marketing channels
Managing up, managing up, managing up

Come and say hi!
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