Dua Puluh Satu

If I have to rate my 20 years old with a number, it would be 5. Not too good, not too bad.

Yet, here I am, February 14th, turning 21 years young and strong.

Sejak punya blog ini hampir 3 tahun yang lalu, ini adalah pertama kalinya gua bikin postingan tentang pergantian umur. Kalau dulu, gua malu dan gak enak karena gua terlalu muda dibandingkan dengan teman-teman sepantaran. Bahkan, gua lebih memilih orang lupa saja dengan ulang tahun gua. Harapannya sih biar gak ada yang sadar umur gua, hehe.

Turns out, 20 years old didn’t work out too great for me. Tentu, gua bersyukur karena gua diberikan kesehatan yang luar biasa selama umur 20. Gua tidak mengalami sakit parah, pun juga gua tidak mendapati sebuah tragedi yang mengubah hidup gua.I’ll be forever thankful for that. Continue reading Dua Puluh Satu

Money Can Buy You Attitude – Explained

Often when I encounter a heated controversy that involves a rich, privileged people being a self-centered jackass, one of the first things people say is “money can’t buy you attitude”. As much as I’d like it to be true, I wholly disagree with that notion. For a good reason.

Whether you grow up to be a saint or a jackass, I believe much of what makes you who you are today come from the external environment. A kind person could turn into an asshole if they grew up in a rough upbringing. Relatively young, open-minded individuals might someday become a key leader for hard line conservatives if they don’t pay attention to who they surround themselves with. And so I thought, if the most robust type of personality can be cracked with years of constant pressure from the outside, what makes you think that money, one of the most powerful denominator in our life, can’t change who we are inside?

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Curhat – Talk of Life

Sudah hampir satu tahun berlalu sejak terakhir kali ada tulisan yang gua bikin bener-bener dari hati, tanpa embel-embel mengedukasi pembaca. Banyak penyebabnya, mulai dari jadwal sehari-hari yang memang cukup padat, bingung mau berbagi cerita apa, sampai memang dasarnya gua lazy snob.

Malah, bisa jadi penyebabnya adalah penyakit yang paling fatal: gua kehilangan gairah menulis untuk sejenak.

Gua tipe orang yang mudah termotivasi, namun mudah pula untuk terdemotivasi. Pantikan semangat yang sederhana bisa membuat gua bangun dari kasur dan berdiri tegak seketika. Namun jangan salah, sekali saja punggung gua menyentuh kasur, mengangkatnya kembali hampir terdengar mustahil.

Also, to be honest, life hasn’t been too kind to me. I might not really show it, but I remember everything. In some kind of way, that’s not really an ideal situation for me to be passionate about something. Continue reading Curhat – Talk of Life

Why I Wake Up at 5 Every Morning

Waking up early is not for everybody. If you ask 100 successful person you can find, I bet you will meet a good portion of people who wake up as early as 10 or even 12 afternoon.

In fact, there is no sufficient research to say whether waking up at 5 will make your day more productive or not. That’s why it is quite foolish to deem yourself less productive compared to those who are early risers.

It’s not the time to wake up that you’re after. It’s the high quality, well-spent time with activities that can propel you forward that you should pursue, making your day as complete as it gets because it’s tailored in accordance with your biological needs.

However, that’s not the point that I’m trying to make here. While I believe you can get things done in any time you please, I also think that the right activities at certain time can get you the required spurt of momentum to get the best out of your day. So it’s kind of a mixed stance that can get you a very different response on, depending on where you stand.

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Be Like Cristiano Ronaldo, not Lionel Messi

The date was 13rd January 2014.

That was the night when for the first time in 4 years, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to snatch the golden trophy from the loving arm of Lionel Messi.

But Ronaldo would be the first to tell you that it was anything but easy. You can even tell from the looks of his eyes. Teary and weary. It was an emotional night for the Portuguese given the background of losing on the football’s Oscar 4 years in a row.

He cried because he was the only person who knew exactly what he had to go through to be in that position. Continue reading Be Like Cristiano Ronaldo, not Lionel Messi