The Standard Is There, but Dunkirk Dwells in His Own Rythm

The last couple decades, box office world have featured myriad of movies that set place amidst the World War II. Each item takes distinct approach on their method to gain the horrifying sensation that war citizen had endured, albeit it was real at the time. Saving Private Ryan brings up the horror that stay-at-home parents needed to deal with when their descendant fought with their compatriot. Fury is pulp at best – albeit that tank battle scene of Sherman against Tiger is the deal. But Dunkirk is nothing sort of that kind.

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The Land of Leisure

Born and raised in the largest archipelago country on the planet, I lived my whole life being told repeatedly the story about how magnificent the nature that God had placed upon this land of leisure. Therefore, it is no brainer that our national campaign to enhance the performance of tourism sector is centered upon the beauty of Bali. Call it an abuse of resource if you may, but I prefer to put it in the same bracket as “opportunist”.

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To Agree or Disagree

Experience, whether you fancy it or not, shapes our view towards something. I was raised in a third world country where the majority of society still holds conservative view sacredly. In many ways, it affects the way I see the world. Sometimes, it comes to certain extent that some people in my country feel they have the authority and order to call for another person’s betrayal of the society value, even though that aspect is within another person’s privacy.

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