To Agree or Disagree

Experience, whether you fancy it or not, shapes our view towards something. I was raised in a third world country where the majority of society still holds conservative view sacredly. In many ways, it affects the way I see the world. Sometimes, it comes to certain extent that some people in my country feel they have the authority and order to call for another person’s betrayal of the society value, even though that aspect is within another person’s privacy.

My family holds traditional Islamic values very strong and consequently, I still hold some of those conservative values on me. After years of being exposed to borderless world (thanks to the globalisation and internet), I pretty much became progressive, and to some certain extent, liberal (or at least that is the word I would like to use to depict my inallergicness to differences). But like I said, being exposed constantly to the indoctrination spread on the internet doesn’t instantly wash away all the traditional and conservative values that my environment had inherited on me.

Let me get this straight forward. I am a heterosexual, both day and night. For me personally, the thought of sharing a bed the rest of my life with the same sex has never make the vaguest appearance in my pipedream. I only have romantic and sexual interest on the member of opposite sex and that’s not debatable on my side.

And in my sincere opinion, the thought of condemning the demonstration of LGBT has never been there on the first place. As much the conservative values remain on me, I simply can’t imagine the thought to partake in a debate of other person’s sexual orientation which, constitutionally, doesn’t have anything to do with us. It literally obstructs none of my personal business and I see no reason to get lighted up about this.

Now, I am not saying that this personal choice is a legitimate example of me condoning the homosexuality in term of religion basis. But it is a lot more about the reflection of my conscience that everybody can choose anything they want as long as it is harm-free and appeals with everybody’s business. As loud as my inner conservative tries to forbid this act of ‘sin’, I can not be too arsed about it.

I do have to admit that when it was there, I found myself some distrubance when a ‘gay’ person made a slight attempt that indicates about his sexual preference towards me. While this stereotype definitely is not entirely applicable to the whole group, this still distrubs me. But regardless, the right to pick your sexual orientation should be protected within the legitimate law as long as it is harmless, even though the nature makes the condition arrive with several others personal disturbance. If I have a friend who fancies member of the same sex, I would never quote a Quran verse and tell him to repent for his sin. I would never threat him for his choice and objectify him as the target of abomination like the Quran said, even if academics stated that this is an attempt to cure a ‘disease’.

All the fierce debate whether gay marriage is right or wrong has been proved to be redundant. In fact, the excessive glee to wave or not wave rainbow flag has been nothing but contempt towards the moral values that our society holds. Rapists still run free on the street and perverts can do their antics on a broad daylight around the neighborhood. And yet, others’ personal matter is our biggest concern of the year.

Call me out for infidelity or how globalisation have led me astray from the conservative, but I will always defend another person’s freedom of choice. I do acknowledge that it may not be entirely feasible to be implemented in Indonesia’s current climate of society. But being reactional and outspoken about it are the first step we can do before any legal attempt to fight for the freedom is made.

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