New Domain, New Coloumn, New Looks

It is always life-breathing moment to innovate with what you have, to offer new things that will make the whole process seems like tons of fun. I think it is safe to say that yesterday was the milestone for me.

It has been historical 18 hours run, especially for my personal blog. As many of you have probably realised, yesterday I decided to buy my own domain for this blog. The alternatives are quite limited and though it seems a bit costly, I made several considerations and justification as to why should I purchase a new domain for my own blog.

  1. Simplicity, what else? I think we all can agree that looks a tad more neat and handy than And, oh boy, did it reigns victoriously on my chest.
  2. Personal branding. If what is happening on real world is actually in accordance with the hearsays that most company looks for their candidate’s online record before interviewing them, then having a personal blog would be the only fine dining menu to market myself to the audiences.
  3. It injects additional motivation for me to keep my blog updated, and doing so would be acceptable to many since I have paid a hefty cash to claim it.
  4. According data statistics from Google Business, it has been proven that .com domain will certainly bring more potential readers to your veranda than the longer one. It attracts more readers and therefore enable me to reach and connect more people. It also made it easier for readers to associate and identify this blog with me as well.

For the aforementioned reasons, I believe that the long term benefit will merit the given price if I utilize this blog to the pinnacle of its potential. Currently, I am still using this platform as nothing more than a diary book in which I am given a freedom to roam here and there, writing my opinion (or explaining things) regarding topics in which I hold dear at the moment.

I also made an attempt to give it a little bit of personal touch by continuously customizing the blog’s user interface and reposition the menu in a way that appears more interactive to the readers. I believe that the best thing about WordPress is how easy-to-use it is and how they granted users the freedom to pick various free template (One of WordPress’ functionality that makes other website service providers look pale in comparison).

As result, the blog is now a little bit more versatile in terms of functionality and accessibility due to the addendum of social media menu on the left front page, the recombination of new fonts, and the appearance of top front page. Prior yesterday, my front page was filled with ‘Home’ page in which there is some sort of a short paragraph to welcome readers on my blog. But after months of using it, I realise the main point of attraction to my blog is my blog posting and therefore I feel it would be for great necessity to make it appears directly.

Now is the time for the big changes.

I am a simple guy to guess, and if there is something my closest peers would associate with me, it will be of my bold interest about business. Ever since I successfully bankrupted my first business, I have come to find where my true passion lies this whole time. Sometimes, I think it is my own raison d’etre.

And in coherently, I wish to be employeed by a consulting firm or other company in which I am allowed to flourish in fields related to business development and marketing. It is the only thing where learning doesn’t feel like one, and how each time I learn, I believe it will be for great impact where I can really contribute and use it to push forward.

This is not a simple goal, and reaching it surely is not a simple task. But I believe there are thousand ways to Rome, what matters is that there is only one Rome. To support my process of becoming one, I have finally come to a decision that I will release a new coloumn on my personal blog called #BusinessTalks.

In this brand new coloumn, I will be allowed to talk about whatever topics related to Business that I feel comfortable to share. The possibility will be very broad and there is no certain border in which topics I will not cover. As long as it ties a relationship with any of: business, management, marketing, finance, human resource, technology, financial, company case studies, acquisition and merger case, and economy ; I am all in for deep analysis.

If you wonder why I would take the time for creating this new coloumn, I did wonder too. But I resolve the confusion pretty quickly on my own as I have been certain that it will be beneficial for every stakeholder. So, 3 reasons.

  1. I am going after my interest and I believe if I am learning continuosly with perserverance and never give up attitude, I will reap the benefit afterwards.
  2. I am a firm believer that the most effective way to learn is to write. Because writing will force me to read more, learn more, and comprehend the topic more first before I feel I have the required knowledge to explain those things in a way that can be easily captured by my audiences.
  3. To share. I always feel Indonesian’s literacy have been among the worst on hemisphere, so why not help make things better a bit?

To help my number 3 cause, I have made it clear that all coloumns will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. Not only it provides me with opportunity to reach more people, but I believe that every topic that will be explained on the coloumn is not an exclusive subject for those who understand English rather than our native language.

For the beginning, I will attempt to post it once every 2-3 weeks. Of course it could be more or less, depends on how occupied I am at the time. However, it is with great hope that I can deliver an article consistently so that I can really stick to the plan.

Finally, I really wish that this new change will make the whole endeavour pays off in the end. Nobody can be content with the possibility that the hardwork is not giving the reward it deserves, but I feel like I should try anyway. The only thing that keep me going is how I am very certain of my goal, and how I really believe in my long term vision.

To contribute to make this world a better place through my work and inspiring many others.

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