My Recommendation for Business Analysis Websites

I really don’t want to waste your time. So, if you are either :
– someone who has 10 minutes to ‘waste’, or
– someone who loves reading about business analysis, or
– someone who is looking for quality source of articles about business analysis, or
– someone who is interested in exchanging ideas and good source of articles, or
– someone who thinks LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant

then you may continue. Otherwise, it will be your best interest to stop reading and close the tab right here.

Reading is mostly easy. Finding the credible source that conforms your needs is not. 2 years ago, I started to love reading a business website on daily. I used to visit and spent around 15 minutes to 1 hour daily. I considered it as the right website for me because it had everything I needed and the articles were written in a way that could be easily captured by a beginner like me.

But then, I started to like it less because there were too many information to digest and I felt overwhelmed by it. I also felt over time that my interest has shifted towards business more than entrepreneurship and decided that it would be better if I could find the one that fits my needs.

Studying about any aspect of business have been my newest kind of hobby because business world is very dynamic and unpredictable. The reason why it is very attractive to many is because there is no exact science and one method-fits-all.  And if you are reading this far, then I suspect that you too.

Having said that, I mainly look for websites that provide deep analysis instead of the one that merely acts to report news. News can be found just about anywhere, but detailed insights are still considered to be exclusive property.

This is why reading deep business analysis from the right source is essential to avoid ambiguity and confusion. Consequently, I am being very selective when it comes to find the right library, so here they are:

Harvard Business Review


As you’ve probably guessed, HBR was founded by Harvard Business School. Out of all the alternatives, this is my favorite pick. This website has just about everything. Harvard equipped the site with various menu and alternatives starting from free article to specifically written magazine. They have covered various topics and often tried to explain how things actually work behind an event or phenomena. Add the aesthetic and clean website design, you get a complete package.

What I really like about HBR is the top notch quality of each article. Not only was it written by someone with tons of experience and deep educational background, but the way the article is delivered is also very convincing to say the least. In this modern world, getting the right information is as vague as getting the incorrect one. Harvard is clearly the industry leader in terms of delivering a honest and hollistic article.

– All of its contributor are an expert with strong education background and tons of experience so that you can always count on them to get it right at all times.
– Each article gives readers deep insight and analysis regarding the topic in question.
– If you are looking to dive deeper, they provide tons of paid magazine, e-book, and case study.
– Every data is gathered either through credible literature reference or a self-conduct research.
– Abstract yet representative featured cover image for each article – Every article feels more alive, attractive, seriously composed.

– If you are just a casual reader who never sign up to the website, then you can only read up to maximum 3 free article for each day.
– If you have registered to the website but are yet to subscribe, then you are only allowed maximum 6 free articles for each day.
– Most of the content required payment, so the free content is quite limited.
– The subscription fee is quite high around $169 per year for international citizens, compared to just $99 per year US resident.


blog recommendation

Medium is an online publishing platform where you can share your stories and insights to your targeted audience. At best, arrays of its most popular post were composed by professional expert and great story teller. At worst, you can easily encounter articles written by amateurs across the website. The writing style resembles that of a casual blog post.

– You can find lots of perspective in this platform since it enables not only expert, but also practitioner to express their opinion and judgement to the platform.
– Invites more engagement among the readers and the writers through comment and section
– You can write your own takes!
– Since each users (active writers and silent readers) must register themselves, it is easier for one to identify the author.
– The article’s topics are more diverse.
– It doesn’t sacrifice its user experience to create a border between the free and premium version.
– The application will inform readers about the duration to read each article.
– It has its own mobile applications.
– The writing styles are easier to digest in your idle time or when you simply want to have a read to relax and recharge your mind.

– Subjective articles seem ubiquitous.
– Most articles do not provide as deep analysis as HBR – albeit those that were written by professionals still deliver excellent quality to readers.
– You need to pick the article you want to read selectively because there is a chance that you will read trash and ended up zero handed.



If your interest is closer towards consulting than any other fields (like me!), then it is safe to say that McKinsey website should be our temple. With decades of experience, McKinsey manages to produce research and strategy that make its competitors look pale in comparison. If you want deep business analysis as well as years of experience in one click, then this website is for you. McKinsey really incorporates its division and business function to the fullest by constantly producing insights and articles that are free to access just about anywhere.

– Decades of experience to solve real word problems storaged to terabytes of archive for each industry.
– Majority of the data used are gathered through self-conduct research with good accuracy (lots of massive websites and companies used data from McK for reference).
– Provide views and insights on various industries (oil & gas, media, telecommunications, chemicals, FMCG, you name it).

–  The number of info, menu, and option can be overwhelming at times (if you consider this as weakness..).
– Due to its nature for being published by professionals in an established company, you may prefer not to expect to engage with the author or administrator as a whole.
– Doesn’t provide personalised content. So the website is all you have.


All three provides great read for anyone who is looking to improve their insights and gain professional’s perspective regarding the topic they like. However, one needs to realize their needs and wants to decide their choice. To give you a better idea, I have listed the criteria and scenario that fit each platform wonderfully.

You may prefer Medium if..

  • You want articles that are easy to digest without ocean-deep analysis
  • You don’t have lot of times (during class’ break)
  • You want to communicate and engage with the author

You may prefer Harvard Busines Review if..

  • You have lots of times to spend
  • You want deep analysis and ready to think harder to digest the entire article
  • You want a business-related event or phenomena to be explained in detail
  • You are willing to pay extra dollars to get the best content possible
  • You want analysis on public or private companies problem
  • You demand a fair judgement over a topics (the one that list the good side and the bad side)

You may prefer McKinsey website if..

  • You have lots of time to spend
  • You want deep analysis and ready to think harder to digest the entire article
  • You want analysis and explanation about certain business industry and business function
  • You want general introduction about global phenomena and newest trend
  • You are tight on budget and don’t want to pay for anything
  • You are into consulting

Mind you, these options are not mutually exclusive. It means you can use any of those above as replacement and filling the gap whenever you feel necessary. I personally use Medium more frequently from the others because the article can be finished quickly and easily. However, I will shift my focus towards HBR and McKinsey when I want to use reference to write an article.

For example, I will use HBR when I am looking for explanation behind a company’s downfall or when I am looking for logic reason behind a company’s bizzare strategy because HBR is not affiliated with certain companies. Meanwhile, McKinsey makes a living from their client and I doubt their client will be OK having their information being disclosed to the public, so McKinsey is a better fit when I am trying to understand the industry as a whole.

Deciding which platform to read can be very vague, so it is your homework to decide your needs because each choice has its own flip side. Or, if you insist, just try all 3 so that you can judge it yourself.

Do you agree with my sugestion, or you have another recommendation to give? Comment below or just contact me through my social media or click the contact tab on this website if you’d like to communicate 🙂

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