My Story of Going to We The Fest 2017

We know there are folks who enjoy going to a massive music concert and listening to their favorite singer live. You know, the group of people who simply favor the adrenaline rush  whenever they went to a music festival rather than enjoying the masterpiece in a calm, sweet lounge. Some others do it to follow the trend to try to be the ‘cool kids’ – not sure how this makes you one, though, but here we are. I am not even 20 years old just yet, but I already consider myself too old to capture the hype surrounding the trend.

Ever since DWP exploded its popularity to wider population several years ago, these music festival have become ubiquitous. They played integral role to revolutionize millenial’s music taste and they do everything in their power to fit the trend and make it beneficial for business. In a way, some people believe that they can be considered as a disruptive force in their industry. I am not exactly a believer of this theory, but the way the current music industry blows has been directed according to this barometer.

I had always been skeptical towards events like DWP and WTF ever since it was conceived years ago. To my understanding, calling the activity of listening to ear-deafening bits while screaming and jumping and screaming again for 3 straight hours as an enjoyable experience had never made the vaguest appearance in my pipe dream. But I refused to instantly believe my own hypothesis and instead prefer to experience it firsthand before I can land my objective judgement over the hype.

That was the sole reason I said ‘yes’ when my partner asked me to go to We The Fest 2017. Inevitable curiosity.

Desy handpicked my attire that day (which I believe she made me wore a soft-pink shirt with navy blue short to accompany the night). On the other hand, she rocked a yellow shirt and accompanied the combination with a black skirt. Knowing her expertise on this, I didn’t hesitate and let her do her part.

She had warned me prior to the concert that they would feature LANY as one of the main performer. Just for everyone’s knowledge, LANY’s ILYSB (I Love You So Bad) is basically our ‘anthem’ song because it’s the first song she recommended to me the very first day we actually chatted. She’d just continue to play this art on her playlist repeatedly for months afterward. Singing to its drumbeat had became our second nature at the time.

We arrived at the venue around 6.30 pm and we were just one performer away from LANY. I got to say I was a little bit astounded when I acknowledged there were several different stages which enabled several stars to perform simulataneously. In a way, I thought it was a stroke of genius because you could boast about having a lot of guests in such short time. But not until me and my partner were required to run back and forth and visiting different stage after stage that I managed to reveal its true experience. She was beamed like a little girl on Disneyland. On the other hand, I looked closer like an infected pig.

LANY went down the stage and everyone was just ready to put their gadgets out. They sang 10 songs in total in which I couldn’t care less about the first 8 because I had never heard them. It was actually quite funny because around the first 20-30 minutes, it was a snore-fest while LANY sang their less popular bits. And then so I thought that if my visit to WTF was actually for listening to a good music that fits my taste, ILYSB would be it. Everybody in the building knew how popular it was, hence why it was already expected that they would put it for the closing performance.

When the song came out, suddenly the crowd broke the noise and made it as seem they had known LANY for years. Music taste aside, I have to admit that it was actually a very good experience to behold. LANY sounded as good in concert as they were in YouTube and having a crystal clear sound system didn’t hurt anyone. What I loved the most about that moment is not exactly about how enjoyable the song was, but particularly because of who I went to the concert with.

For a while, it all seemed surreal to me. But then I knocked myself out and realized that I actually listened to the song that quickly climbed up to my favorite piece of all time list and I did it all with my beloved partner.

I knew I wasn’t having a pleasant experience when I attempted to order foods and because the ridiculous price tag and there was a long queue at just about any food tenant that were present. I also acknowledged it altogether that fast-paced drumbeats which involved a lot of shameless screaming and jumping (or dancing, whatever) would never be my cup of tea and I wasn’t being butthurt about it because it’s all about personal taste. And consequently, nor did I think that the experience justified for how much the ticket was priced. According to these criteria, it wasn’t a good investment to begin with.

But the truth looked so contrast with the presumption. While everything that I wrote on the previous paragraph are all true, I found out that they were not everything to my own amusement. In fact, I forgot to consider the most important variable to the equation: my partner.

Anyone who knows me for years can easily identify that I’m not a huge fan of music festival. Actually, I despised one. I still don’t catch the hype surrounding the phenomena until today, but at least I know why it works for so many people.

I might be displeased with the overall experience, but seeing how excited she was for every song that came out alone instantly made that investment worthy of every penny. She smiled, sang, and smiled again. And under such moment, it was truly a joyful sight to behold. I do not expect you to understand, but I can assure you that it was this kind of moment that I will treasure forever.

I’m glad that I wasn’t entirely skeptical and didn’t instantly close any possibility to go to one at the time. Right now, I actually have one legitimate experience under my belt to determine if it fits my frequency just well or not. And so I insisted on believing that music concert is not my cup of tea, but for those reasons alone, I would probably reconsider it if she asked me to another concert.


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