Hi. My name is Evan from Indonesia. Right now, I am studying the subject of Industrial Engineering in Universitas Gadjah Mada and I am on my final year. Currently, I do design for hobby and sometimes doing a freelance in my spare time. With the time I have left, I like to relax by going to the gym, reading books, and observing stuffs around the world through my smartphone.

During majority of my time, I love talking about ideas and inspiration because it allows me to keep learning about new perspectives. It forced me to keep having fun with my inner child – experimenting and explore the crafts outside my comfort zones. To supplement this, I also enrich my knowledge by reading books about business, economy, social, or sometimes, I love going all political with my literature alternatives.

I possess strong interest on topics related to business, management, finance, and economy. In near future, I hope to be employeed by consulting firm or other work fields with strong relation to business strategy, development, and marketing activity. To realize this dream, I just recently made a new coloumn in my personal blog named #BusinessTalks, where I am allowed to talk about anything related to various matter starting from business, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, company case study, until hot takes about newest trend on aforementioned fields.

The reason I made this new coloumn is not for show-off purpose, but a lot more about my personal development. Writing is the most effective way to learn because you feel the necessity to read more if you are going to share a valuable information to somebody. It forced me to fully comprehend it well enough before I can explain it to others in a way that can be captured by my audiences. It also trains me to explain things articulately.

Consequently with my interest, I have a big dream to contribute to this country through my works and I wish to use my platform to change the world — or at the very least, being able to share with my surroundings.