In case it’s not obvious, you can call me Evan!

I’m currently leading growth efforts for CoLearn and fortunate enough to see it grow from 0 to +1,000,000 registered users. As the head of growth, I’m dealing with user acquisition, analytics, and (partially) the initial user experience to ensure that users are getting the value that they need in their lives.

Taking off my professional hat, I’m highly passionate about watch, tech, and the NBA. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m also passionate about writing but of course, life got the best of me too many times. Instead of doing long-form articles here, I like to write bite-sized thoughts on my Instagram and Twitter (no Twitter link because I often say things that shouldn’t be said, sorry!).

Want to chat?

Occasionally, I like to brainstorm about growth / marketing initiatives for small businesses and startups since that’s what I do for a living. If you want to have a chat, shoot me an email here 👉 evanfabio.ef@gmail.com 🙂