Review Film – Suicide Squad

Gue merasa perlu nonton film ini sesegera mungkin demi menghindari orang orang sok iya yang tanpa rasa bersalah memberikan spoiler di social media. Hari ini film rilis, gue langsung meluncur ke XXI Ambarukmo Plaza.

Oiya, sebelum gue memulai review kali ini gue mau nekenin beberapa hal:
1. gue gak pernah baca komik DC atau tau alur ceritanya gimana
2. Artinya review kali ini dari POV seseorang yang gapernah baca komiknya
3. Don’t judge.

Oke, lanjut. Selama dan setelah gue nonton, ada sebuah pendapat yang muncul dari dua film yang udah keluar di DC Cinematic Universe.Continue reading “Review Film – Suicide Squad”

Hal Favorit di Jogjakarta

Kemarin, 1 Agustus 2016, sekitar jam 3 sore gua menginjakkan kaki di Jogja. Setelah 43 hari meninggalkan kota ini untuk bersantai santai di ibu kota, memang gak ada perubahan.

43 hari adalah waktu yang terlalu singkat untuk merasakan perubahan sebuah kota. Tetapi itu adalah waktu yang cukup untuk mengubah perasaan gua pada sebuah kota. Kenapa? Well, keep reading.Continue reading “Hal Favorit di Jogjakarta”

Review Film – Jason Bourne

Halo. Meskipun udah ngantuk, kayaknya malem Sabtu gini tetep enak ditemenin sama susu panas, sedikit musik jazz, dan laptop. Yah, itung itung paksain buat nulis sedikit di blog aja. Kasian jarang di update, padahal baru buat. Untung gratis. Hehe.

Kali ini gua ingin mereview film Hollywood terbaru, yaitu Jason Bourne.

Continue reading “Review Film – Jason Bourne”

New Site, New Playground

Welcome to my new site.

As of today, (July 22nd 2016) the site is still very basic, both in content and visual elegance. Some of you might notice that I’ve changed the theme color from black to white. I decided to change it because I feel that the previous color is distracting readers from my actual work, which is not a good place to begin with.

Also, I currently only have an about page, a contact page, and gallery of some of my work so far. I haven’t had the time to put details to my several work but I’ll definitely do it when I have the time.

Obviously, I have a lot more work to add for a start. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? My plan is to add more creative content every week but still maintain a great quality into it. In manageable chunks. Currently I’m still figuring the best format to make the website more user friendly, which might mean it will be very far from perfect first time around.

For now, the blog’s road map that I am focusing to do are these

  1. Add a ‘work’ section where I put my less impressive work, but hopefully I still can give a sufficient explanation about majority of the work.
  2. Add a new post in ‘blog’ regularly and keeping all my content focused
  3. Add a contact form to the contact page
  4. Add a ‘case studies’ section where I put some of my most favorite work here and put a complete explanation and analysis about the project.
  5. Add all my work to the work section
  6. Upgrade to a Premium account! As good as the template that the wordpress gave me, it still annoys me how I can’t customize it based on my personal preference.

For now I am exactly where I want and I’m happy to share with you guys. Hopefully I will get some feedback to improve this blog.
Thoughts / suggestions / improvements all welcome… 😁

Thank you!