Money Can Buy You Attitude – Explained

Often when I encounter a heated controversy that involves a rich, privileged people being a self-centered jackass, one of the first things people say is “money can’t buy you attitude”. As much as I’d like it to be true, I wholly disagree with that notion. For a good reason.

Whether you grow up to be a saint or a jackass, I believe much of what makes you who you are today come from the external environment. A kind person could turn into an asshole if they grew up in a rough upbringing. Relatively young, open-minded individuals might someday become a key leader for hard line conservatives if they don’t pay attention to who they surround themselves with. And so I thought, if the most robust type of personality can be cracked with years of constant pressure from the outside, what makes you think that money, one of the most powerful denominator in our life, can’t change who we are inside?

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Be Like Cristiano Ronaldo, not Lionel Messi

The date was 13rd January 2014.

That was the night when for the first time in 4 years, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to snatch the golden trophy from the loving arm of Lionel Messi.

But Ronaldo would be the first to tell you that it was anything but easy. You can even tell from the looks of his eyes. Teary and weary. It was an emotional night for the Portuguese given the background of losing on the football’s Oscar 4 years in a row.

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My Story of Going to We The Fest 2017

We know there are folks who enjoy going to a massive music concert and listening to their favorite singer live. You know, the group of people who simply favor the adrenaline rush  whenever they went to a music festival rather than enjoying the masterpiece in a calm, sweet lounge. Some others do it to follow the trend to try to be the ‘cool kids’ – not sure how this makes you one, though, but here we are. I am not even 20 years old just yet, but I already consider myself too old to capture the hype surrounding the trend.

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Life is A Constant Loop of Feeling Bad About Ourselves, Maybe Better Embrace It.

If you told my preteen self that within several years he would feel guilty every time he doesn’t do something that will bolster him closer to his goal, he would go mental. Not only because he didn’t foresee this earlier back then, but also because it would not match with where he was at that time.

It is not probably the best indicator to guess what the future holds, but recent events might give me some idea about it. I was set on very different course than the one I choose to embrace today. Not that it is the complete reverse to one another, it was just unthinkable at the time when I look back to it.

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My Recommendation for Business Analysis Websites

I really don’t want to waste your time. So, if you are either :
– someone who has 10 minutes to ‘waste’, or
– someone who loves reading about business analysis, or
– someone who is looking for quality source of articles about business analysis, or
– someone who is interested in exchanging ideas and good source of articles, or
– someone who thinks LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant

then you may continue. Otherwise, it will be your best interest to stop reading and close the tab right here.

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