How Jakarta Gubernatorial Election Alters The Political Landscape of Indonesia

This has to be one of the most anticipated election in Indonesia’s political recent history. And it is not for presidency.

Much of the fuss surrounding the matter, I believe, are associated with Jakarta Governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama’s  blasphemy trial. With all due respect to Mr. Anies and Mr. Agus, the election wouldn’t be under as colossal of scrutiny as this if not for the controversy upon the incumbent figure. Since his infamous speech in last September, Indonesia have seen rising religious intolerance, growing discrimination and attacks against religious minorities, and emerged provocative article everywhere that may compromise the country’s democratic value.

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10 Things I am Grateful For

Everyday I look around myself and each day I see something new and ancient that are all special contributions adding to the reality around us. Each person, no matter what shape, color, race, or personality that he or she has is gifted with a special blessing that all should be grateful for.

I will try not to bored you with my desultory writing, but rather to tell you a short list on several things that I am grateful for in life. Of course, in my defense, there are more things to be grateful for. Things that goes unnoticed in this list, they still exists and probably more important than I ever thought. Spare me some judgement, we are all prisoner of the moment. Continue reading 10 Things I am Grateful For