Resolusi 2017

Ini adalah pertama kalinya sejak tahun 2013 gue bisa santai2 pas menjelang tahun baru. Kebijakan UGM yang memajukan semua kegiatan di kalender akademik membuat mahasiswa kampus kerakyatan ini gak perlu merayakan tahun barunya bersama kertas ujian untuk momen kali ini.

Anyway, sekarang udah tanggal 23 Desember 2016. Sekitar 8 hari lagi gue akan membuang jauh jauh kalender 2016 yang terpasang di sudut kamar. Iya, secepat itu. Gue masih ingat dengan sangat jelas awal tahun ini gue sedang apa, dan rasanya sedikit gak percaya sebentar lagi chapter 2016 akan segera berakhir.

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Leading With Power or Influence?

Defining what a leadership is can be a tricky thing to do since each people have different views in mind. According to, there are countless of version about how people interpret the word “leadership”. Some example are:

  • Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things.
  • Leaders are people who do the right things
  • Leaders set example for those below him to follow.

Yet, among those definitions on the internet, I have to admit that this one below sounds much better (and definitely much more ‘honest’) than any other philosophical definitions people tend to interpret.

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2016, You rock!

I was born and raised in Jakarta. As Jakarta citizen, I consider myself as a privileged who don’t need to worry about life other than trying to avoid eating dirts and open a drug cartel down the alley during my teenage years. Having said that, it is human nature to get soft and comfortable when everything seems to go their way.

Whenever a stranger or an acquintance asks me what I want to be someday, I answer that I want to be a successful businessman — for that is what I have dreamed about. Being able to run my own company while also help more people will be an incalculable blessing for me. Continue reading 2016, You rock!